Learning from Grenfell: avoiding the next ‘black swan’ tragedy (University of Cambridge, Bennett Institute)

Perhaps an additional consequence of the complex socio technical world we live in is that we should stop relying on official Inquiries to tell us the ‘root cause’, we should stop relying on the expertise of lawyers closeted in rooms for years to tell us what went wrong.  We should start holding a mirror up to ourselves and start asking some uncomfortable questions about our own leadership, the culture we are creating and operating in and the agendas and biases influencing our decision making. 

Perhaps then we will begin to learn…

Gill Kernick and Martin Stanley, 2019

Uploading a blog recently published by the Bennett Institute for Public Policy. Co-authored with Martin Stanley.

About Martin…

Martin Stanley is the editor of Understanding Regulation – a website written for legislators, journalists, academics and others who wish to understand the recent rapid growth of the regulatory state, and how regulation should best be designed and enforced. Martin was previously a senior civil servant, and Chief Executive of (what is now) the Better Regulation Executive, the Postal Services Commission and the Competition Commission.

Martin follows Grenfell closely. We met soon after the fire and he has become an invaluable resource, mentor and friend. Helping me to understand how regulation and government function and how we might get better at learning.

Learning from Grenfell Cambridge University Bennett Institute Kernick & Stanle

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