Good Practice #1: Resident Fire safety checklist launched

The checklist is designed to help tower block residents identify and highlight fire safety issues in their buildings and/or individual flats, and to guide them on what might be done about it. It is explicitly designed for tenants, whether their landlord is a local authority or not, and includes a flowchart which helps residents work out routes to resolve their problem.

Fire safety cannot wait: launch of Fire Safety Checklist
By Kent Law School Professor Helen Carr and Lecturer Dr Ed Kirton-Darling

Confronting the lack of progress as we approached the second anniversary of Grenfell was tough. It has, however left me with renewed energy and passion for championing change. We need to move beyond consultations and discussions to practical and accessible action.

Calling out good practice is key to this and I’ve decided to start a ‘Good Practice’ series of blogs both to share and raise awareness of examples of good practice and to encourage us to stop waiting and begin doing.

Dr. Ed Kent-Darling and Prof. Helen Carr from the University of Kent have collaborated to create a fire safety checklist specifically designed for residents. Key collaborators include former firefighter Phil Murphy and campaigning group Tower blocks UK.

Fire Safety Checklist

The checklist itself can be found here.

And below is a link to a blog by Dr Darling and Prof Carr providing the context and history of the checklist which was launched in parliament earlier this week.

Fire Safety Checklist Blog

Shout out to all those involved in this. Please share and do send me other examples of good practice so I can share those too. Some positive stories will be good for the soul.

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