Covid-19: UK unheeded Warnings and some success stories #3… useful articles (Updated)

I’m including links to articles that I’ve found useful in terms of providing a holistic view of how things have unfolded in the UK.

I’m sure (as with all media) that they are biased… I’m including them for the information they contain not the political points they may be trying to make. I want to keep a record of the unfolding story with a particular focus on failed opportunities to learn.

If there are other key articles you think should be included please send me a link.

Learning from success: The coronavirus slayer (14 May) The Guardian

If we’re serious about learning, understanding success is perhaps more important than all the attention we are placing on what’s gone wrong where we have failed.

This story filled me with hope and I’m struck that (again) a woman spearheaded this. What can we learn?

Why we fail to prepare for disasters 9 May (originally published in the FT)

Measuring excess mortality: 5 May 2020

Useful comparison of uk response.

And the impact of focussing on Brexit 1 May (The Guardian)

Details of the Risk Assessment warning of the dangers of a pandemic: 24th April (The Guardian)

Why do Women Make Such Good Leaders During COVID-19 (19 April) Forbes

38 Days when Britian sleepwalked into disaster: April 19 (The Times)

Non-paywalled version link.

And the official government response to the Times article (an extraordinay move?): April 29 (

A Timeline of the UK Governements Response: 11 April (Byline Times)

Geoff Mulgan blog on managing big risks: 8 April (Blog)

Coronavirus: The NHS workers wearing bin bags as protection: 5 April (BBC)

Exercise Cygnus: 31 March (The National Scotland)

Why we weren’t ready (30 March, New Statesmen)

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