In memory of the 72 lives lost in the Grenfell Tower Fire…

Grenfell Tower Inquiry news


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From 2011 – 2014 I lived in a beautiful apartment on the 21st floor of Grenfell Tower. On the 14th June 2017 I sat on my bed and watched it burn. Seven of my former neighbours died. I vowed to do what it takes to ensure we learn.

My commitment is to open dialogues and enquiries that will help us to collectively understand how to be more effective at dealing with the systemic issues at play. Whilst prompted by Grenfell the application is far broader.

Grenfell Tower Inquiry news

#CatastropheTheBook & #CatastropheThePodcast

Why does our failure to learn make sense?

Six episode podcast series presented with journalist Matthew Price and exploring key themes from the book.

Upcoming Events:

Catastrophe & systemic change:

Learning from the Grenfell Tower fire and other disasters

Where: Online
When: 15 June 2021 / 5.00pm–6.00pm
Cost: Free – booking required https://www.bennettinstitute.cam.ac.uk/events/catastrophe-systemic-change-learning-grenfell-towe/

Reducing Deaths and Injuries from Residential Fire through Human Perspectives

Where: Online
When: 16 June 2021 / 11h00 -12h45
Cost: Free – booking required

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