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SHP’s Most Influential figures in health & safety named for 2020
The danger of the narratives we use to silence: Grenfell and the Rebel Residents

Learning from Grenfell – avoiding the next ‘black swan’ tragedy

Power and accountability: Policy lessons from catastrophic events
Inspirational Woman: Gill Kernick | Master Consultant, JMJ Associates
Lessons from Grenfell: Why aren’t we learning?


EP.22 – Grenfell Fire Through My Eyes FT. Gill Kernick
Grenfell: what have we learnt?

Aftershock podcast: 2020, safety, homelessness (and of course a bit of Brexit)

Grenfell, COVID-19 and our inability to learn with Gill Kernick
Life of a Leader During Covid-19

Working Parties and Report

When Things Go Wrong
The response of the justice system
Policy Lessons from
Catastrophic Events

Accountability in modern
government: what are the issues?
A discussion paper