Grenfell What have we learnt? BBC Radio 4 Beyond Today Podcast - BBC Radio 4 Beyond Today Podcast. Gill Kernick with Matthew Price and Kate Lambe.
Not just the cladding… The Grenfell Tower Fire: Summary of the Expert Evidence - Summary of the expert evidence heard at the Grenfell Tower Inquiry in November 2018.
Grenfell: What actions should the government take? - Grenfell Never Again. Transcript of speech given at Fire Brigade Union event at the Labour Party Conference.
Reality, Compliance and Leadership: Learning from Grenfell - Grenfell Tower systemic change and learning. Compliance, Leadership and reality.
Good Practice #1: Resident Fire safety checklist launched - I want to start celebrating good practice post #Grenfell. First one - Kent University have launched a Resident Fire Safety Checklist. #Firesafety #Learning
Grenfell: Building reform consultation fails to ensure strong voice from residents. - In another bizarre and ironic twist post-Grenfell, the MHCLG has issued a consultation on the proposed regulatory reform based on the Hackitt review. It calls for a stronger resident voice but fails to ensure this through the consultation process.
Protest art post-Grenfell: Graffiti Jam & the spoken word - As we mark the second anniversary of the Grenfell Tower Fire, I thought I'd post some examples of protest art that marked the event. I find the art haunting and deeply expressive of what the community feels.
BBC Radio 4 Today Program Interview – 16 June 2017: Our continued failure to learn & reflections on the Barking Fire - Grenfell Tower Interview Gill Kernick BBC R4 Today program 2 days after the Grenfell Tower Fire
Transparency and Trust: The failure to respond to concerns about air & soil contamination post-Grenfell - How can authorities respond to concerns around air and soil contamination in a way that builds, rather than erodes, trust?
Learning from Grenfell: avoiding the next ‘black swan’ tragedy (University of Cambridge, Bennett Institute) - It is time to move on from searching for simplistic cause/effect explanations in the context of such tragedies, begin to learn how to prevent such low probability yet high consequence events.
Grenfell – Creating a bias toward safety: Practical lessons for change from Piper Alpha - Dr Stan Schofield offers ways the approach taken with Piper could be applied to Grenfell. Stan spent 16 years in HSE's Offshore Safety division in the wake of Piper Alpha.
The Dimensions of Risk: Understanding & mitigating risk in a complex world - Preventing catastrophic events such as the Grenfell Tower fire will require that we deepen our understanding of the nature of risk.
Grenfell – Are firefighters to blame? Understanding human error - We cannot allow firefighters to be blamed for actions whilst those with accountability at senior levels in the fire brigade, government and contracting firms 'seek refuge in a judicial cocoon'.
Grenfell Tower Inquiry: learn lessons & implement changes (University of Manchester Blog) - Uploading a blog Martin Stanley and I wrote in September 2017. I believe this thinking will be important for Phase 2 of the Grenfell Public Inquiry.
Submission to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry: including the thinking and learning from Major Accidents - The first submission I made to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. Arguing for including the thinking of Major Accidents in understanding what happened at Grenfell.