Grenfell and the tacit knowlede of those at the sharp end – Ed Daffarn speaks to LBC’s James O’Brien. - LBC's James O'Brien speaks to Ed Daffarn the author of the blog that predicted a catastrophic event at Grenfell.
An Analysis of the Design, Installation & Materials of the Rainscreen Cladding System at Grenfell Tower: - A technical analysis of what happened at the Grenfell Tower Fire. This report looks objectively at the design of the cladding system and the way in which it was installed, whilst explaining some of the evidence heard at the Inquiry.
The danger of the narratives we use to silence: Grenfell and the Rebel Residents - Evidence by main contractor #Rydon at the #Grenfell Tower Inquiry reveals the narratives used to silence the voices of residents.
Grenfell: What actions should the government take? - Grenfell Never Again. Transcript of speech given at Fire Brigade Union event at the Labour Party Conference.
Grenfell What have we learnt? BBC Radio 4 Beyond Today Podcast - BBC Radio 4 Beyond Today Podcast. Gill Kernick with Matthew Price and Kate Lambe.
Not just the cladding… The Grenfell Tower Fire: Summary of the Expert Evidence - Summary of the expert evidence heard at the Grenfell Tower Inquiry in November 2018.
Grenfell Tower Inquiry Submission to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry: including the thinking and learning from Major Accidents - The first submission I made to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. Arguing for including the thinking of Major Accidents in understanding what happened at Grenfell.
Grenfell Tower Inquiry Grenfell, the conservative vote & why we are missing the point - The coverage of the conservative vote against the Grenfell Recommendations is missing the point.
Grenfell Tower Fire: Questions & Answers - Grenfell Tower Fire: Questions and Answers. Chartered Architectural Technologist and Fire Engineer shares what happened.
The Great Fire of London The Great Fire of London (1666) and Grenfell (2017). - Lessons from the Great Fire of London. What are the similarities to Grenfell.
Power and Accountability: The psychological contract & responding to catastrophic event - Power and Accountability. The failure of politicians to be accountable for the psychological contract in the face of catastrophic events such as Grenfell, COVID19 and Hillsborough.
Grenfell, COVID-19 and our inability to learn: Risk Guru Podcast with Matt Hodges- Long & Gill Kernick - Grenfell, COVID-19 and Learning. Will we learn? Risk Guru podcast.
Cummings & our unwritten Psychological Contract: Are we asking the right questions? - This blog explores the Cummings' crisis through the lens of a failure to attend to and restore an unwritten psychological contract in the aftermath of catastrophic events. Rather than asking 'how can we 'move on' from the Cummings' crisis?' those in power might instead seek to understand what a country in grief needs from them, to understand what it would take to restore the psychological contract and build trust.
Why we fail to prepare for disasters… Tim Harford article. - Link to Tim Harford article about why we fail to prepare for disasters.
COVID-19 Unheeded Warnings #2: Centre for Health and Public Interest 2013 Report - Adaptive capacity is a cornerstone of resiliance. Those that failed to ensure this capacity whilst listing a pandemic as a top civil risk need to be held to account. A 2013 Report by the CHPI warns that the new NHS structure would impact the ability to fight a pandemic.
From interruption to disruption: Leadership and Covid-19 - Rather than viewing #Covid-19 as an interuption and wait for things to return to normal. It offers a unique #leadership opportunity to untether ourselves from the past and step into the Fourth Industrial Age.
COVID19 Unheeded warnings: #1 Bill Gates 2015 - Failures to learn and heed warnings about the impact of a global pandemic.
Personal Reflections: COVID-19 and Grenfell - Personal reflection on #Grenfell and #COVID19
Diversity and Role Models: a podcast - Podcast reflecting on working in high hazard industries as a non-technical woman. Recorded for International Women's Day.
Grenfell Timeline: The first 35 minutes - A timeline of the first 35 minutes of the Grenfell Tower Fire.
A Mix of Positives and Negatives: Reflections on the Ministry for Housing, Community & Local Government’s recent advice for building owners - Chartered Architectural Technologist and Fire Engineer, Frances Maria Peacock gives her view on the recent advice for building owners issues by. the MHCLG
Grenfell Tower Inquiry Supply chains and deferring risk: Week 1 of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry - What lessons are there for us to learn from week 1 of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry
The Grenfell Inquiry, Phase Two: Some background - Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 2 details and background.
Grenfell, Leadership & the Symbolic Dance: Lessons from Mehra; Barwell; Jenrick & others… - Recent decisions about Benita Mehra, Gavin Barwell and Robert Jenrick are perplexing in the symbolic dissonance with the intent for learning and change.
HQN: Aftershock 2020. Reflections on what lies ahead - Housing Quality Network 2020. Podcast and Article
Grenfell narratives displacing our ability to learn Heroes and Villains – The narratives displacing our ability to learn from Grenfell - This blog looks at the failures of the LFB in preparing for Grenfell and explores the narratives displacing our ability to learn from Grenfell.
Grenfell & the early departure of LFB Commissioner Dany Cotton: Some facts. - Key facts surrounding the departure of the LFB Commissioner.
The Grenfell Inquiry Phase 1 Report: One critical question it must answer. - Grenfell Tower, Phase 1 Report, Systemic Change, Learning. The one question it must answer.
The Grenfell Tower Inquiry: Key facts… - In preparation for the publication of the Phase 1 report, I’ve attempted to pull together some key facts […]
Grenfell; Space Ships and the Shard – the problem with the London Fire Brigade Commissioner’s statement. - LFB Commissioner Dany Cotton said that preparing for Grenfell would be like a space shuttle landing on the shard. This article explores why this statement is problematic. It looks at the failures of the LFB to understand and mitigate catastrophic risk and to create a learning culture.
‘The real failure of Grenfell – complexity, ambiguity and competency.’ Prof. Torero Transcript - Transcript of Prof Torero speech - the real lesson of Grenfell. Accountability, complexity