In memory of the 72 lives lost in the Grenfell Tower Fire


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From 2011 – 2014 I lived in a beautiful apartment on the 21st floor of Grenfell Tower. On the 14th June 2017 I sat on my bed and watched it burn. Seven of my former neighbours died. I vowed to do what it takes to ensure we learn.

My commitment is to open dialogues and enquiries that will help us to collectively understand how to be more effective at dealing with the systemic issues at play. Whilst prompted by Grenfell the application is far broader.

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In memory… Grenfell: The 21st Floor
Watch the BBC Newsnight documentary Grenfell: The 21st Floor.
Grenfell and the tacit knowledge of those at the sharp end – Ed Daffarn speaks to LBC’s James O’Brien.
LBC's James O'Brien speaks to Ed Daffarn the author of the blog that predicted a …
An Analysis of the Design, Installation & Materials of the Rainscreen Cladding System at Grenfell Tower:
A technical analysis of what happened at the Grenfell Tower Fire. This report looks objectively …
Grenfell, the conservative vote & why we are missing the point
The coverage of the conservative vote against the Grenfell Recommendations is missing the point.
Grenfell Tower Fire: Questions & Answers
Grenfell Tower Fire: Questions and Answers. Chartered Architectural Technologist and Fire Engineer shares what happened.
The danger of the narratives we use to silence: Grenfell and the Rebel Residents
Evidence by main contractor #Rydon at the #Grenfell Tower Inquiry reveals the narratives used to …

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“It was predictable, absolutely preventable, and we’re not learning the lessons. We’re not changing how we think about our relationship to risk in the case of buildings.”
Grenfell: what have we learnt?
Beyond Today podcast marking the second anniversary.
We may never have all the answers, but we have some.”
“And, we still don’t even know the true scale of the issues. Thousands of leaseholders and residents in what the Government considers ‘low risk’ buildings don’t feel safe and are having to pay for issues that are ultimately not their fault.”
Doing nothing whilst waiting for formal processes to reach conclusions further damages the psychological contract. Watching those in power continue as usual is untenable and contributes to both suffering and increasing calls for retribution.”
“How can we ensure the effective implementation of public inquiry recommendations? How can we move beyond un – derstanding what happened to affect change?”
“That people would understand that diversity (in all forms) is not simply about equality, to function in an increasingly complex world, cognitive diversity is critical.”

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