Below are links to articles and websites I have found useful.

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When Things Go Wrong The response of the justice system A Report by JUSTICE on how to improve our response

Home Office 2019 Fire Statistics Home Office Fire & rescue incident statistics, England, year ending June 2019

Policy Lessons from Catastrophic Events, Bennett Institute for Public Policy, Cambridge University Report from multi-stakeholder workshop held at Cambridge University, February 2020

The Grenfell Tower Phase One Report Link to Phase One Report. It is in four volumes. Directly downloadable from the Inquiry’s website.

Public Housing Risk Profile 2019 Publication by the UK Government outlining risk profile in the Housing Sector. October 2019

The Grenfell Tower fire: a crime caused by profit and deregulation Publication by the Fire Brigade Union. Useful historical context around deregulation and failed opportunities to learn. September 2019.

World Fire Statistics 2019 World Fire Statistics: International Association of Fire and Rescue Services. 2019

Family Reflections on Grenfell: No voice left unheard Report by Inquest reflecting evidence based views from bereaved and families on the response to Grenfell. May 2019

Following Grenfell: Grenfell Residents’ access to Public Services and Support Equality and Human Rights Council Research Report March 2019

The Grenfell Tower fire: ‘Preventing Future Deaths’ report: the breadth and the limitations of PFDs. Article by Amy Street about the coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox’s call for long term health checks for residents and respondents. 23 November 2018

The response to air and soil contamination post-Grenfell Response Flora Cornish from LSE has created a timeline of key events in the response (or lack thereof) to air and soil contamination. Published April 2019

Environmental contamination following the Grenfell Tower fire Report by Anna A Stec, Kathryn Dickens, Jessica L.J. Barnes and Clare Bedford. Revealing high levels of toxicity and contamination around the tower . Published March 2019

Grenfell Timeline: Was the disaster Inevitable Open University timeline of some of the key events and opportunities to learn. Published October 2018

Building a Safer Future: Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety Final Report of the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety conducted by Dame Judith Hackitt post Grenfell. Published May 2018.

Grenfell Tower: The fires that foretold the tragedy Summary of BBC documentary aired in October 2018 detailing the failure to learn from previous fires. Published October 2018

Lakanal House Inquest Findings Lakanal House Coroner Verdicts, Reports and letters. Published May 2018.

Useful Websites

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry Official website for the Grenfell Tower Inquiry

BBC Grenfell Inquiry Podcast BBC Grenfell Tower Inquiry Podcast. Daily podcast every day the Inquiry sits.

Understanding Regulation: Grenfell Issues Comprehensive summary and analysis of key issues related to Grenfell by Martin Stanley former senior civil servant and public sector chief executive.

Understanding Regulation: Grenfell Issues: Gill Kernick Comments Martin Stanley former senior civil servant and public sector chief executive summary of Gill Kernick comments

Chronology of Grenfell Tower Expert Witness Colin Todd’s updated chronology of events.

MHCLG report on remediation post Grenfell MHLG update on remediation work post Grenfell October 2019.

Housing after Grenfell. Oxford University Blog Oxford University Professor Susan Bright Professor edits a blog highlighting Grenfell related issues.


Podcast Gill Kernick recorded for the BBC with Reporters Matthew Price and Kate Lamble. Reflections on learnings 2 years after the fire. June 2019.

Dr Schofield worked for the HSE to implement changes after Piper Alpha, in this paper he explores lessons that could be applied to Piper. March 2019

Here, Gill Kernick and Martin Stanley (Editor, Understanding Regulation) argue that the fire was a terrible failure of government, leadership and regulation and consider how the Inquiry team might best ensure that the widest possible lessons are learned, and its recommendations implemented. September 2017

Broader Interest Articles

The Piper Alpha Inquiry report (conducted by Lord Cullen) which has recently been made freely available. Published November 1990

Report commissioned by the Home Secretary about the experiences of the Hillsborough families to ensure their perspective ‘was not lost’. Published November 2017

Analysis and recommendations of Public Inquiries in the UK. Key finding is that the process for following up on recommendations is inadequate December 2017

White Paper discussing Safety 1 and Safety II. Safety II explores how to relate to safety in todays emergent, complex socio technical systems. 2015