Articles & Podcasts

A selection of freely available podcasts, talks, articles and reports that I’ve been involved in over the last couple of years. Thanks to everyone that has helped to highlight the need for change and a new ways of thinking.

Podcasts and Talks

Gill Kernick on The Grenfell Tower Disaster — Part Two
Jan 2022. Human Risk Podcast: Grenfell Part Two with Christian Hunt discussing my book and broader lessons and learning .
Gill Kernick on The Grenfell Tower Disaster — Part One
Jan 2022. Human Risk Podcast: Grenfell Part One with Christian Hunt discussing the fire and what lessons their are about risk and decision making.
March 2022. Constructing You Podcast with Elinor Moshe. Discussing my own journey and learnings.
Dec 2021. Enlightened Leadership Embraces the Power of Failure With Scott McInnes discussing why our traditional approaches to leadership are increasingly ineffective.
Dec 2021. Rebranding Safety Podcast. A delightful meandering conversation with the wonderful James McPherson. Also on You Tube.
Sep 2021. Systemic Change, Myths and Disruption Oil and Gas Denmark conference presentation. First live event post Covic.
Apr 2021. Grenfell Fire Through My Eyes. In conversation with Ansh Sachdeva head of the Students Union at the time of the Cube Fire.
Grenfell, COVID-19 and our inability to learn with Gill Kernick
June 2019. BBC Beyond Today Podcast. Grenfell: what have we learnt? With Matthew Price and Kate Lamble on the second anniversary of the fire.

Articles and Press

March 2021. Making the water visible: a methodology. A follow up article in the Crisis Response Journal articulating the methodology used in writing Catastrophe and Systemic Change.
Crisis Response Journal
Dec 2021. Systemic Change in Complex Times article for the Crisis Response Journal exploring piecemeal versus systemic change.

Working Parties and Reports