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When these horrendous events do happen, there has too often been a shocking failure to learn. For example, in the Texas City disaster, almost every aspect of what went wrong had gone wrong before, either at Texas City or elsewhere.
There may have been a similar learning disability around Grenfell: how is it that little notice appears to have been taken of cladding fires on high rise buildings in France, the UAE and Australia?

Gill Kernick and Martin Stanley, September 2017

Uploading a blog that Martin Stanley and I wrote in September 2017. It’s difficult to remember that when this was written, 3 months after the fire, the number of deaths was not yet known.

I believe what is presented in the blog will be critical to the success of Phase II of the Inquiry. Phase 1 of the Inquiry has revealed many of the latent conditions that were present on the 14th June 2017.

Learn Lessons and Implement Change Grenfell Tower Inquiry
Learn lessons and implement changes Grenfell

It’s based on the submission I made to the Public Inquiry, which can be accessed below.

Let us hope that the Inquiry moves beyond blame and uncovers deeper systemic issues. Let us hope that the recommendations that are made both in Phase 1 and Phase 2 are implemented effectively.

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