Grenfell What have we learnt? BBC Radio 4 Beyond Today Podcast

In the case of housing, because of the complexity of the world we live in, it is the tacit knowledge of residents that is critical to keeping people safe. They have the experience of living in the building, they know what the issues are and they probably know how to solve them.

Gill Kernick, 12 June 2019, BBC Beyond Today Podcast

BBC Radio 4 Beyond Today Podcast. Grenfell What have we learnt?

72 people died in the Grenfell Tower fire two years ago this week. Since then the first part of a public inquiry has taken place looking at the events of that night. The next phase, which will investigate why the 24-storey tower was wrapped in combustible cladding, will start next year. Kate Lamble from the BBC Grenfell Inquiry podcast tells what we have learnt so far. We also speak to Gill Kernick, who used to live in Grenfell Tower and works in risk management. She tells us what should be done to avoid this kind of disaster again.

Produced by Philly Beaumont, Duncan Barber, Alicia Burrell
Mixed by Nicolaus Raufast
Editor: John Shields.

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