Making the water visible: A Methodology

Thanks to the Crisis Response Journal for the invitation to write another article. Making the water visible explains the methodology I used when researching / writing Catastrophe and Systemic Change. It could be used as a framework for exploring any complex domain.

Making the Water Visible: A methodology for exploring complex domains

Below is a PDF version of the article.

Systemic Change in complex Times

And here is a link to the previous article Systemic Change in complex times. The two articles compelment one another.

The penguin pool

And finally some resources about the penguin pool which was a source of inspiration.

The London Zoo Penguin Pool is regarded as a landmark project, both in terms of architectural design and engineering. Arthitect Berthold Lubetkin and structural engineer Ove Arup pioneerd the use of casting concrete slabs in situ in complex, load-bearing forms.

The pool has been empty for 15 years. The reasons are not as simple as first appears.

FeinFinch, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Background on wiki architectura…

Dezeen article about the call by the artchitects daughter to ‘blow the pool to smithereens.’

And John Allan (an architect who worked on refurbising the pool) response to the issue in The Standard.

Further background and some you tube clips.

Thanks for reading!

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