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The Grenfell Inquiry: The hearing I can’t stop thinking about…

The 21st July 2022 was the final day of evidentiary hearings at the Grenfell Inquiry. Attending that hearing changed me. I’ve struggled over the last months to articulate this and am only beginning to understand and confront the implications of what I heard.

Grenfell Tower – the Role of the Civil Servants before the fire. A Blog and Paper by Martin Stanley

The role of civil servants before the Grenfell Tower fire is important because it highlights deficiencies within the highest levels of the civil service. MHCLG civil servants seem to have responded to ministerial pressures by degrading their working practices until they became unrecognisable to those who worked in government 20 or 30 years ago. 

The LFB Review of Culture: A quick blog…

Someone I spoke with today spent nearly 5 years in a Fire Service but took 15 years to get over it. She told me that the actions of her colleagues… Read more The LFB Review of Culture: A quick blog…

Grenfell: Governance, Accountability and Political Agendas

Background Systemic failings in governance, accountability and the role of political agendas are integral to understanding the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Given the extraordinary evidence we have seen in the Grenfell… Read more Grenfell: Governance, Accountability and Political Agendas

The 3 Cs of Resident Engagement

Despite the many post-Grenfell promises we continue to see terrible examples of a failure to engage effectively with residents. This blog explores the difference between consultations, collaboration and co-design and suggests that moving away from tick-box consultations may help restore trust.

Grenfell Tower Inquiry

Submission to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry re including the thinking and learning from Major Accidents

The first submission I made to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. Arguing for including the thinking of Major Accidents in understanding what happened at Grenfell.